Jupiter Series


300-315w & 330-350w

Pioneering Monocrystalline in Australia

Link Energy selected Monocrystalline as its primary product due to its longevity effectiveness and better return of investment, we have been improving Monocrystalline efficiency by adapting PERC technology – the most innovative technology. In Australia, we are Monocrystalline pioneers as we were one of the first brands to launch this technology in the market.

Our products are more suitable for the Australian climate as the temperate co-efficiency is lower compared to other products. Our system generates 5.24% more power than other similar size systems*

All our products are CEC approved for government rebate in Australia and fire rated for roof top installation.

Our products are made of the highest quality materials combined with innovative technologies to manufacture Monocrystalline Panels that will stand the test of time. Our factory is certified to ISO 9001 & 14001 and our products are certified to TUV standard.

Module Section Structure and Components


  • Certified to withstand increased snow loads of up to 5400pa
  • Outstanding Low Light performance with 5BB Mono Cells
  • 35mm Anodized Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Self-Clean Glass Surface (at minimum 10-degree pitch)
  • Water Drain Design to remove dust that can reduce panel efficiency
  • IP67 Junction Box
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